Foggy mind…

So, I’ve had this cough and cold symptoms for almost two weeks.  I even spent the better part of Tuesday night awake because of the coughing & actually peed my pants a little a couple times because I coughed so hard.  I know, that is a little personal, but middle aged women who have had children can usually relate, and well, everyone else, needs to know about these things too…maybe…

Yesterday, my oldest kiddo stayed home from school because his cold symptoms were so bad.  What did I do?  I ran up to the store, bought him some orange juice and a box of cold medicine.  He happily took it and was feeling much better hours later.

I even made this yummy soup.  I found the recipe on  I just added a couple handfuls of real bacon bits and it was perfect warm-you-up-from-the-inside type food.



I have bailed on my running partner everyday this week because of the cold temps and my cold/cough.

Have I taken any cold medicine?

Have I even thought about it?

Seriously, not until last night as I am talking to a friend and he asks, what I’m doing to help the cold, like medicine, doctor, herbal tea…anything?  I realize I haven’t done anything for it.   Am I the only one who is living in a fog when it comes to things like this?

I am of the mind, that the body should fight these kinds of things, but after a couple weeks, maybe taking a dose of decongestant and expectorant would be the best course of action. Bring on the drugs!


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